TBLeague Super Flexible Female Seamless Body PLMB2018-S24A PLMB2018-S25B

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TBLeague Super Flexible Female Seamless Body PLMB2018-S24A PLMB2018-S25B

Derived from the seventh generation female body of TBLeague , two new female bodies of 278mm and 270mm height (including head sculpture) are available, and 
two skin types (white skin, wheat skin) are optional. 
Different from the previous ones, they are closer to the oriental female body--symmetrical, slender, and elongated, weakening muscle lines, which 
can better interpret Asian female characters and satisfy the diversified DIY needs of players. 

New beauties for pre-order to cater for your diversified demands!
Quite distinct from before versions, these four new bodies are Asian girl type, slender, shorter in body height, well-proportioned, no strong muscles. 

S24A & S25B stand 278mm , 
S26A & S27B stand 270mm (all measured with the same head sculpt).
Become existent now! 

Both come in two skin tones: 
Pale S24A and suntan S25B, 
Pale S26A and suntan S27B. 

Packing list:                                           
1. TBLeague seamless rubberized steel female body 
2, 3 pairs × replaceable hands 
3, 2 pairs × replaceable legs 
4, 4 color packaging 
* products without head carving

1, 1 × TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
3pairs × interchangeable hands
2pairs × interchangeable feet 
4, 4 color packaging 
* No head Sculpts included