Star Ace Toys Selene 2.0 - Underworld Evolution SA0048C

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Star Ace Toys Selene 2.0 - Underworld Evolution SA0048C

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Perkiraan Masuk : Q4 2019

Committed to the development of a variety of classic movies and high-end collections of high-end collections in Europe and the United States, the international collection brand "Star Ace Toys" new development of Japanese-style animation wash chain bright style, 2018 most DC super hero fans eyes The bright and hot animated film "Ninja Batman" theme works. "Ninja Batman" tells the story of Batman's conspiracy to stop "Gorilla Gurud" and other super villains, and accidentally launched the mysterious device of "Gorilla Gurud" to make time and space misplaced, the Batman family and high A group of people such as the super villain in Tan City brought into the warring States of Japan. And before Batman figured out the situation, the super villains had already spread the evil forces across the ancient land, and Batman, who lost his high-tech equipment, led the bat family to use the existing equipment and unparalleled courage and wisdom to fight this era again. Super criminal. 

In the play, the characters and plots of Batman's original story are greatly integrated into the Japanese Warring States era style, and the classic elements of Japanese special dramas are added. In addition, the delicate and delicate styles and bright styles of Japanese animations make fans addicted. The "Star Ace Toys" design team used the increasingly sophisticated craftsmanship to rigorously examine the details of the animated character styling, and faithfully presented the "Ninja Batman" actor who was born in Batman's fusion of the Japanese Warring States style. Using a 1/6 ratio of about 30 cm high movable body, combined with a large number of composite materials, the animation of the Batman-style ninja and samurai style with a modern bat suit and external Japanese armor. The Japanese weapon accessories with Batman style have also been faithfully restored. In addition to the bat-shaped darts and shurikens, the synchronization also restores the samurai scorpion into the Batman symbol, and then highlights its unique style. 

Simultaneously launched the Ninja version and the samurai version, the samurai version adds additional accessories, which allows the player to replace the Batman style with the rich sacrificial parts, and the collection texture is doubled again! From now on, you can go to the Beast Country Direct Store. And the major certified dealers pre-order!

Star Ace Toys Selene 2.0 - Underworld Evolution SA0048C Detail´╝Ü

- 1/6 movable body, height of approx. 29 cm 
- a movable body with multiple joints 
- like a very high degree of realism The role of the doll in the movie "Night Legend 2: Evolution" 
- a Catherine Selene head with a delicate facial expression and delicate skin pattern, with real human hair (including 3 x AG1 battery) SA0048 is the same as SA0048C. 
1. 6 replaceable palms, including: 
- 1 pair of natural hand palms 
- 1 pair of hands that can hold P99 pistols 
- 1 can only hold the right hand of darts 
- 1 can only hold the right hand of the sword 
2 Clothing: 
- 1 piece of light black shirt 
- 1 piece of matte black vest - 1 piece 
of matte black skinny pants 
- 1 piece of patterned coat 
- 1 pair of leather long boots 
- 1 piece of white coat (SA0048C / SA0048) 

3. Other Accessories: 
- 2 Walter P99 pistols
- 2 Walter P99 pistol gun bags 
- 1 sword 
- 1 knife