SHF Chun Li (Street Fighter V)

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SHF Chun Li (Street Fighter V)

"Street Fighter" series participated in the SHFiguarts! 

At SHFiguarts, monument "Street Fighter" in the fighting game, which boasts the world-popular series start-up! 
Chun-Li Liu lineup the first step is to appear than the initial series. 
Based on the concept of "new (neo) & Fighting body", and both the wide range of motion and natural form, it can be reproduced in various deathblow! 

● "new (neo) & Fighting body" by Batch to reproduce the technique Mokuseyo! 
Based on the concept of "new (neo) & Fighting body", adopted the movable gimmick to reproduce the work. 
It can be reproduced without disturbing the natural form seems to human tricks such as "spinning bird kick". 

● Enjoy a further view of the world in mortal work effect and background sheet! 
The Chun-Li comes with the effect that the image of a "hundred裂脚". 
It seems game character rendition of gorgeous technique also a reproducible! 
Background sheet that stage in the game the match unfolds is design is also included! 
Enjoy a more Street Fighter in the world! 

[New (neo) & Fighting ...... the body] 
and "repeatability of fighting character specific tricks" concept, pursuing a gimmick that does not bound by traditional SHFiguarts format. 
Making full use of his own body, in order to maximize the appeal of the fight "fighting character" in a variety of tricks polished, is a series to challenge the limits of the "movable", "modeling" representation of about 1/12 the size.

Product Specifications ■
Height: About 145Mm 
Material: ABS, PVC 

■ Set Contents 
- Body 
• Replacement Face Parts Two 
• Replacement Wrist Left And Right Each Three 
effects hold parts 
and background sheet