Lucifer Wings of Fallen LX1701

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Lucifer Wings of Fallen LX1701

NOTE !! 1/6 Scale Female Body Is Not Included !!

* Recommended body TBLeague/Phicen 12D seamless body

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven" - Lucifer

Our team of experienced artists and designers is proud to bring to you the “Lucifer - Wings of The Fallen” collectible set, specially featuring:

1. Handcrafted armor with intricate parts that perfectly fits mainstream 1/6 scale seamless female body (such as Phicen/TBLeagure) to bring out the deadly attractiveness of Lucifer.

2. A beautiful female head sculpture with removable, rotatable horns for various display option/use.

3. Exclusive to the Deluxe version:

a. The first in 1/6 collectibles – a pair of expandable wings made of high quality real turkey feather! When fully expanded, the wingspan can reach 80cm (31.5”) at an angle of 80 degree!
b. A themed base with interactive effect! When the sword is pulled out of the base, it will light up to simulate lava coming out of the mouth of the stone dragon!
c. A pair of chain for… whatever chaining situation that comes out of your imagination.

Parts list:
Regular Version:

  • Female Head Sculpture x1
  • Removable Horn x1 pair
  • Hand x3 pair
  • Choker x1
  • Gorget x1
  • Black Plush Scarf x1
  • Spaulder x 1 pair
  • Bracer x 1 pair
  • Breastplate x1
  • Corset x1
  • Female Codpiece x1
  • Cuisse x1
  • Greave x1
  • Boots x1 pair
  • Sword x1

Deluxe Version also includes:

  • Wings made of real turkey feather x1 pair
  • Base with interactive lava effect x1
  • Chain x1 pair