Inflames Toys General Zhao Zi Long IFT-026

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Inflames Toys General Zhao Zi Long IFT-026

Inflames Toys General Zhao Zi Long IFT-026 Set Specification:

Zhao Zilong


An Elaborate-carving head
Approximately 33 cm tall
Strong body
8 pieces of interchangeable palms  


White Underwear
White Bloomers
General's Cloak


A suit of armor(including a waist support,a belt,etc)


Ah Dou(two sets of swaddling clothes)
Square stage with transparent pillar   


Silver spear
Blue steel blade(Scabbard included)


The Zhaoye Horse


1/6 white movable horse(Including two interchangeable horse heads with different expression)  
Over 20 movable joints  
armour for a horse,Saddler, trappings with saddle,halter,etc.


A Flag(including the base)


  • BonusThe purchaser who buys the toy suit of Zhao Zilong & The Zhaoye Horse can be presented
  •                   with an angry expression head! 


Release date: Q2—Q3,2018


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