Enterbay Wong Fei Hung - Once Upon A Time In China

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Enterbay Wong Fei Hung - Once Upon A Time In China

Enterbay is pleased to present you the first edition of the "Master Wong Fei Hung" 1/6 Collector's Edition Moving! "Huang Feihong" is a Hong Kong movie released in the 1990s. It was directed by Tsui Hark and performed by Jet Li and Rosamund Kwan. The story is told in the end of the Qing Dynasty, when China was carrying out the Westernization Movement, the western winds gradually rose to the east, and the power of guns forced them into direct training. The black flag military instructor Huang Feihong is one of the ten tigers in Guangdong and is a high-powered martial artist. Kanto's expert Yan Zhendong, because of the silence and the unknown, has caused his life to stumble. In order to make a name for himself, he challenges Huang Feihong to be rejected. Yan Zhendong spoiled Bao Zhilin's signboard and caused the rumor that Huang Feihong was defeated by Yan Zhendong. One day met with Shao Hao, nail width wide at first sight, and Huang Fei Hong Dayton became a rival, Yao Xie as a teacher to worship Yan Zhendong. Later, Shao Shao misunderstood Mr. Ji’s tricks and was taken to the United States. The nails were wide to be saved and severely beaten by Yan Zhendong. Huang Feihong rubbed the teeth with his teeth, pork Rong, and Ling Yunyu flew by. Huang Feihong and Yan Zhendong started a fierce battle... Features: - With a high level of wax image like Huang Feihong (general) expression head carving - Applying the latest high-definition technology, can show even more detailed skin texture, Greatly enhances skin texture - Specially developed Wong Fei Hung body, with more than 30 joints, can easily reproduce many different poses of Wong Fei Hung 

Enterbay Wong Fei Hung - Once Upon A Time In China specially features:

- White Top
- White Trousers
- Hemp Gray Tunic
- Black Lion Pants
- White Knee High Socks
- Khaki
- Printed Sneakers 

- Changeable Hand Type x 8
- Wide Cap x 1
- Black Sunglasses x 1

- Folding fan x 1 
- lion dance x 1 
- martial arts stick (weapons) x 1 
- ge (Flag) x 1 
- Foshan Baozhi Lintou (Flag) x 1 
- printed "Once Upon a Time in China" Word Platform x 1 

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