End I Toys The Condor Heroes The Eagle

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End I Toys The Condor Heroes The Eagle

Yang Guo, "evil" male protagonist, is the son of Yang Kang and Mu Nianci. His people isolated arrogant wild, rebellious wit, rich feelings, full of blood anger, and also "West crazy", life has many confidante, but one loved the master little dragon girl , and married. In Jueqing Gu body Zhong Qing took poison, will again Guo Fu Zhanxia left arm , and separated Maid sixteen years, accompanied with good friend and teacher - Diao, wherever they went, chivalric, known as "Shen Diaoxia." Miscellaneous learned Wugong Bo , the ultimate synthesis original deeply grieved palm , and finally re-see the small dragon, the rain comes, abandon the Red, the final and Maid Hermitage tomb.

Issue date: 2Q 2017
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