DJ-Custom Image of Ikkon AS001

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DJ-Custom Image of Ikkon AS001

Kurs Revisi: USD 14.200
Min. DP : 500.000,-
Perkiraan Masuk : Q1 2020

New product from DJ-CUSTOM—— THE IMAGES OF IKKON .
The product can be used to fully represent the character in the movie and the 14th arms and hands are included with real skin painting. Is suitable for all versions of Doctor Strange.

DJ-Custom Image of Ikkon AS001 Detail:

DJ-CUSTOM brings a new range of accessories - the shape of Aiken.
This product is a movable design, using real fabrics for garment production, with 14 movable arms and skin coloring hands faithfully restored. The product assembly method is super-strong magnet adsorption, and can be installed in a non-destructive manner. The classic look in the movie can be restored and adapted to each version of the 1:6 singular doctor.